About Binary Options Types

Binary Options TypesThere are diverse categories of binary options that may be turned into monetary profits if you have a good understanding of how to apply them. In this article, we describe the types of BOs that can be employed by you.

BO Indices

The options based on indices are quite popular on the world market. In the course of trading, one relates to the stocks/shares presented on Stock Exchanges and makes predictions concerning their pricing changes.

Diverse types of stock indices are available for trading, which is why there is a big variety of them to choose from (DAX, NASDAQ, CAC 4, Hang Seng, etc.)

The primary advantage of using indices is the absence of fees that are, typically, paid by traders using stock brokers.

Currency & Forex Options

The popular tendency in BO trading is placing a bet on two opposite currencies for multiple reasons. Some of them want to profit from their daily trading techniques. The others, in this way, hedge the purchases of physical currencies that were performed in order to buy property or plan a vacation.

There are no restrictions on the currencies that can be paired. A trader can choose both from popular world currencies or the minor ones. The options are USD, Yen, Canadian Dollar, etc.

Many BO brokers offer the possibility of pairing currency with Bitcoins. The typical combination that is used today embraces USD dollar + Bitcoin.

Commodity Binaries

One more option for BO use is trading on the set commodity prices without the necessity to purchase them.

The sense of commodity trading is using the value of a specific asset such as gold or silver and making predictions on them, which has to be true in the specific period.

The most common commodities that are traded upon are, usually, quite expensive. These are silver, gold, oil, and copper. The advantage of the activity is that one can derive substantial profits without the necessity to purchase them.

Individual Stocks

Although the activity of stocks/shares buying is still functioning but can bring too many risks, due to the changing market values.

The platforms of online trading offer many possibilities to invest without purchasing any company shares, today.

The types of stocks that may be traded relate to diverse companies, the most recognized of which include Vodaphone, Toyota, Microsoft, etc.

One can also find a variety of brokers allowing trading on Social Medias such as Facebook or Twitter.

The volatile banking sphere provides diverse bank options that can be used in BO marketing (Barclays, Goldman Sachs, etc.)

The winning rate you can derive from trading may be different on diverse broker sites with 80% as the average.

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